Town & Country PAT Testing

Why is PAT Testing so important?

All businesses have a legal responsibility to maintain appliances to prevent danger and comply with current law and legislation.

A failure to do so could lead to insurance companies refusing to pay out if the damage was caused by a faulty appliance not PAT tested.

According to the government website:

“Employers should take a risk-based approach, considering the type of equipment and what it is being used for. If it is used regularly and moved a lot e.g. a floor cleaner or a kettle, testing (along with visual checks) can be an important part of an effective maintenance regime giving employers confidence that they are doing what is necessary to help them meet their legal duties.”

Why PAT  Test?
Why risk legal action or injury to personnel or clients

for the sake of a nominal amount of money per year?

This is particularly pertinent with hairdressers where appliances are in contact with people and moisture, but also for nurseries and childminders, landlords, DJs as well as the self-employed.


Why PAT Test for hairdressers


Why PAT Test for nurseries

Nurseries & Childminders

Why PAT Test for Landlords


Who we are

We are Town and Country PAT Testing Yorkshire.

All operatives are well experienced. Qualified technicians committed to offering the best in customer service and satisfaction.

What we do

We offer a county wide service to all business sectors.  Our aim is to test all of your portable electrical appliances for safety. We ensure your business operates within Health and Safety laws relating to electrical appliances within the workplace.

Where we go

Operating out of Yorkshire.

We have drop-in centres in Boroughbridge and in Harrogate.

We also come out to your offices and sites all over Yorkshire.

Why us

Having your business equipment tested can be a disruptive process. All technicians are aware of this. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum. Town & Country aspire to offer a competitive, 100% customer satisfaction service. We give you what you need. When you need it.